How does the selection begin?

The crux of every recruitment procedure is scrutinizing of people’s resume, which represents a person’s skill-sets, and work-experiences on page or two. Our experts from the recruitment team have spent considerable time on scrupulous examination of CV’s. The facts and information mentioned on the CV are thoroughly verified. The result of this enormous-effort is a vast databank of candidates from various trades and industries and having variant skill-sets. While handling clients request the first resource of information that is referred is this goldmine of information.

What is the right formula for the employer-employee equation?

We analyze the skill-sets requirements; we just do not match the required skill-sets with just any next available candidate in our database. The recruitment team not only evaluates candidate’s educational and technical qualification, but also assess their personality, interpersonal skills so as to fit the appropriate candidate that can adjust with your organizations work culture. JSI focuses not only on finding the exact type of skill sets you are looking for but also on finding candidates who will thrive in your business environment.

How long does the procedure take?

Whether long-term or short-term client requirements we take up all recruiting assignments. Taking into consideration that today the focus is on competitive performance, our international teams also agrees to critical and shot-term deadlines and delivering, in order to provide the best solution in accordance with client’s timelines. We also serve quick and dynamic execution of cumbersome formalities like medical examinations, visas, emigration formalities, flight booking etc.

The specific deadlines for each European country depend on local legislation. Please make an inquiry HERE.