If you are looking for a manpower recruitment agency to help you locate and recruit a key individual into your company, you certainly have a wide selection to choose from.

Unfortunately, with all the recruitment agencies out in the industry today, it can be quite hard to choose which agency to trust. Not all the recruitment agencies work in the same manner as they differ in the types of jobs to offer, the sector they have experience in, their location and the kind of services they offer.

Manpower recruitment agency

Why Do You Need A Recruitment Agency?

Irrespective of whether you are looking for a new job or you are a reputed employer in the corporate world, approaching a technical manpower recruitment agency is particularly important.

  • A recruitment agency handles the whole recruitment process which includes vacancy advertising, headhunting, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews and even candidate assessment.

  • From a business point of view, using the services of a recruitment agency is quite helpful as it avoids the need to hire in-house teams of recruitment specialists and HR teams.

  • With the technical expertise, knowledge, flexibility and resources, the recruitment agency can help expedite the hiring process for your organization.

Hiring a recruitment agency to help you find work, or help you find the right employees, is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Do Recruitment Agencies Take A Cut Of Your Salary?

Whether the recruitment agency you choose offers online services or has its own branch, they all work with the same objective to fill a specific position as quickly as they possibly can. Most candidates placed on permanent full-time pay around 10% of the salary, however, those placed on temporary positions will be charged extra on top of the hourly rate.

Manpower recruitment agency

How Do I Choose A Recruitment Agency?

Before you choose an online recruitment agency, you need to be sure that your selection matches your requirements and understands your business well.

Here are a few important points to consider while selecting the best recruitment agency:

Deep-Industry Understanding

Unless your recruitment requirements are very generic, choose the agency that understands your business well. Without a solid insight into your industry, the agencies have to struggle to identify the most suitable candidates.

Also, make sure that the recruitment services provider that you are getting in touch with is knowledgeable about the current market trends.

Manpower Recruitment Agency

Past Consulting and Recruiting Experience

Find out for how long has the recruitment firm been in business. Recruiting experience matters the most! This is because, ideally, you are looking for an agency with a proven track record of success and that will most likely come from their years of experience.

Do not forget to assess the recruitment consultants who perform the evaluation or selection of the candidates. Be sure they are sufficiently qualified and possess the necessary expertise and experience in finding individuals with the skills you are looking for.

Global presence

A reputed global manpower agency with several clients and offices in different locations across cities, provinces is a safe deal. Be careful if thinking of approaching a start-up agency or one with only a single office location.

Reference Check

It is wise to carry out a deep check on the manpower recruitment agency that you wish to work with. Do not hesitate to check client testimonials and case studies to confirm their authenticity. Furthermore, you should also conduct a background check of the testimonials to ensure they are clients and not pseudo businesses. Other sources can be newspapers, magazines and word-of-mouth. This will bring clear information on how the recruitment firm is viewed in the public.

Manpower recruitment agency

If you need a candidate with a specific skill set and you already know the competition level, a recruitment agency is a way to go. Such recruiters have deep networks and relationships. Even if they do not know who all the prime candidates are, they will tap their resources to find them.

Recruiting the top talent is a prime priority for a successful, competitive business. Simply, you should understand how to select a recruitment agency that meets your needs and goals both now and in the future.

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