Benefits of Hiring Industrial Production Workers through Recruitment Agency

Benefits of Hiring Industrial Production Workers Through Recruitment Agency

Earlier, the industries were more manual labour-oriented, and the workforce possessed the basic skill-set sufficient to perform the desired operations. However, due to the advancements in production and processing technologies, the industries are no more old-age skill-centric. This brings a need for highly skilled industrial production workers in the industry and this shortage is emerging as a major labour issue at some places.

Indeed, finding the best talent for the vacancies and positions in different sectors is often challenging and time-consuming. For this reason, a lot of companies these days prefer approaching manpower recruitment agencies because, in comparison to the traditional ways of hiring, the former has actually more established merits.

Recruitment agencies working for different sectors have a lot to offer, while they can save your drowning business, they can also provide a fresh beginning to a new business.

benefits of choosing a manpower recruitment agency

Why To Choose A Manpower Recruitment Agency?

Here are some benefits of using a manpower recruitment agency to source employees for your organization:

  • The very first known benefit to using a manpower recruitment agency is the quick hiring process. This is because the service providers are capable enough to hire numerous industrial production workers in a short span of time. Their technical expertise and vast resources make them expedite the hiring process. They can effectively complete the process to provide quality industrial manpower which may not be possible with employing a traditional in-house recruitment team.
  • Another established benefit of employing the services of a recruitment agency is related to the cost benefits. Business owners can actually derive a considerable number of cost benefits from outsourcing non-core functions like recruitment. It has been predicted that outsourcing recruitment and HR can save between 20% and 39% of labour costs. Not only you will be able to save on advertising cost with recruitment service providers but also you will save on paying for additional in-house staff, networks, candidate resumes and other persistent resources.
  • The most vital reason why you ought to prefer the services of a recruitment agency is to get quality manpower. With their extensive database of skilled candidates and expertise in the industry, the RPO service provider can match the requirements for desired vacancies precisely. This will automatically increase the productivity of your business in the long run.
  • Professional industry-trained manpower recruitment agencies can help you fill your vacancies by offering a fully integrated approach to the recruitment process. With their wealth of skills and knowledge, RPOs offer the highest standard of recruitment services for temporary and permanent staff.
  • The recruitment firms have a significant role in planning manpower. By analysing the production of the company and deciding the staffing levels required within, they can add or downsize the existing workforce according to the requirements of the organization. Many other aspects such as the existing labour force, the skills and the potential of the labourers are also taken into consideration by them before hiring new workforces.
  • The role of the recruitment agencies also includes the motivation of the employees through financial benefits and rewards. It is their responsibility to cater to the needs and working conditions of the employees.

Whatever the industry be, the fact that does not change is that a recruitment agency brings with it numerous benefits. For one, your time will be saved as you do not require creating a detailed job description, viewing applications, short-listing candidates, and interviewing them. The entire process is taken care of by the recruitment firm.

Industries today compete to sustain their customers and yet provide a quality service. The only way they can survive is by hiring quality manpower from a recruitment service provider.

Avail full advantage of all merits the recruitment agencies have to offer with J.S.International Europe! We are a group of self-motivated and qualified professionals working together to provide best-in-class service to clients. If you are in search of quality industrial production manpower, reach out to us today at (+359 2) 981 22 21!

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Recruitment from India- The Rising Indian Manpower Demand

Recruitment from India: The Rising Indian Manpower Demand

With the increasing number of jobs worldwide, recruitment from India is booming its way to success. The large range of skilled and talented professionals and with emerging companies entering the market, it has become far easier for the recruitment agencies to fulfill the business requirements and candidates preferences.

The Growing Significance of Indian Manpower Recruitment

One of the biggest challenges faced by organizations is finding and retaining the right employees with the required combination of skills. Well, globally, the demand for manpower is overwhelming. Developed countries such as Canada, U.S, Australia, New Zealand and the European Union have a major requirement of skilled industrial manpower.

Apart from high-end computers and bringing innovative technologies, organizations need skilled manpower. The recruitment sector is really critical to the success of the organizations, especially the developed places that face a massive manpower crunch. Either the organizations can generate thousands of skilled manpower in a short time or have to approach a recruitment agencies.

In collaboration with both private and public organizations, the recruitment agencies are contributing a lot to match the Indian manpower demand. Manpower from India is not only in high demand by the national companies but is also gaining recognition internationally. You might find one-third of people working in foreign countries as Indians. Their talent, innovation, and skills to work harder have heightened their demand worldwide. Asides from this, Indian manpower is easily accessible and is willing to give full dedication to their work.

The dominance of India as a reliable human resources provider is maintained, as far as Industrial manpower from Asia is concerned. The aspects influencing the country’s positions include favourable employees attitude, sustained development, a steady growth of quality education & training institutions, along with the dedication and commitment of manpower.

Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency for Hiring

Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency for Hiring

No matter the size of the organization, hiring and putting the talent to work on a bigger perspective when you have other bigger territories to cater, can prove to be a difficult task. Also, spending crucial time on bringing the new talent on board may delay the process.

In the given scenario, approaching a recruitment firm could really strike as a smart idea. With already having a considerable database of qualified and experienced candidates from different spheres of fields and location, the recruiters can manage the entire process with ease. Right from understanding the needs of the recruiters, search & selection, onboarding and payroll of the new hires, the recruiters act as perfect mediators for both the job seekers and providers.

The best part is that the recruiting approach is similar to large, mid-level or small companies, thus helping any sized company to save on the operational costs, time and efforts.

How to select the manpower recruitment agency

How to Select Manpower Recruiters?

It is a recruitment agency that makes seekers aware of the right kind of employment opportunities or candidates suitable for a specific position. But, which recruitment firm should you choose to get the right candidate or job still raises a question. Although you will easily find several recruitment agencies, it takes a good eye to choose a reputed recruitment firm.

Choosing an adequate manpower recruitment agency is extremely essential as their services can take your business to new heights by providing them with potential and skilled professionals. The aspects to consider while choosing manpower recruiters would be the ability to prioritize, domain knowledge, organized selection practices, previous testimonials etc. A true recruiter knows their job well and puts in their best efforts to meet the company’s requirements as well as give them full support to grow.

J.S.International, a reputed manpower recruitment agency, plays a crucial role in recruiting efficient and skilled Indian personnel within a stipulated time frame. Visit to know more about our services!

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Skilled Manpower Recruitment for Hospitality

Skilled Manpower Recruitment for Hospitality

The process of skilled manpower recruitment for hospitality, just like in other industries, is a complicated one. Manpower is one of the most critical components of the hospitality sector that strongly impacts the economic growth of the structured organization.

In recent times, the global hospitality sector has seen a major shift with many hotel players starting new chains to cater to an emerging class of visitors. The industry is so broad that there are all kinds of jobs that they can offer. For instance, hotels and resorts require a large number of skilled workers specifically for low-level positions along with certain companies in the hospitality sector that are in need of professionals to handle C-level positions.

Here are a few service-related positions in demand for the hospitality industry:

  • Food and beverage positions including waiters, bartenders, hosts, hotel managers, catering directors, restaurant managers, sales managers and Manpower for Food and Beverage Industry
  • Lodging positions including housekeepers, servers, porters, and facility maintenance personnel.
  • Culinary positions covering chefs, sous chefs, kitchen managers and also the personal chef.
  • Hotel operations including General and Assistant managers, IT directors, Human Resource, marketing and even C-level positions for Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Executive Hospitality Recruitment Services for Best Hiring

Unless and until there is an effective recruitment process in your company, you might not be able to succeed in hiring the right employees. Fortunately, there are hospitality recruitment services responding to the concern of both job seekers and employers. Such services have evolved through the years with a growing number of networks being organized to meet the needs of people related to the hospitality industry.

  • Depending on your business needs, the manpower recruitment agencies can staff the company with the required employees. Talking, in particular, about the hospitality sector, it requires a lot of effort and time to process the most effective executive hospitality recruitment. However, handing over this task to the hospitality recruitment agency is the right choice for any company in this regard.
  • Hospitality recruitment firms have a large database of job seekers to provide their clients with the right candidates for various positions, no matter top-level, middle or rank. While your company may be involved in other crucial projects from time to time, the recruitment firms can take care of the entire hiring process. This can be a great advantage to your company as you will get the employee as per the company’s requirement only.
  • Furthermore, approaching a manpower recruitment agency is strongly recommended because it allows your company to hire employees specialized in what you require. You only need to mention your requirements and in return, the recruiters can offer you the skilled manpower of some of the best executive level candidates.
  • Recruitment agencies not only help companies with skilled manpower for hospitality but also assist in many ways. Once the candidate is qualified, recruiters are responsible to provide a specific schedule for the interview along with providing assistance to process your visa, work permit and other papers.

Simply put, hospitality recruitment agencies are just what you might need to enter the world of hospitality. For the job seekers, these firms offer the quickest, most convenient and credible way to get a job in the industry while employers also get the required assistance in the search for qualified professionals to join their companies.

Whether you need an executive, a general hotel manager or any designation in the industry, you can seek help from J.S International. We can help you in getting skilled manpower for your hospitality company easily. Make your recruitment request today at

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Step by Step Guide to Choosing a Recruitment Agency

Step By Step Guide To Choosing A Manpower Recruitment Agency

If you are looking for a manpower recruitment agency to help you locate and recruit a key individual into your company, you certainly have a wide selection to choose from.

Unfortunately, with all the recruitment agencies out in the industry today, it can be quite hard to choose which agency to trust. Not all the recruitment agencies work in the same manner as they differ in the types of jobs to offer, the sector they have experience in, their location and the kind of services they offer.

recruitment agency

Why Do You Need A Recruitment Agency?

Irrespective of whether you are looking for a new job or you are a reputed employer in the corporate world, approaching a technical manpower recruitment agency is particularly important.

  • A recruitment agency handles the whole recruitment process which includes vacancy advertising, headhunting, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews and even candidate assessment.
  • From a business point of view, using the services of a recruitment agency is quite helpful as it avoids the need to hire in-house teams of recruitment specialists and HR teams.
  • With the technical expertise, knowledge, flexibility and resources, the recruitment agency can help expedite the hiring process for your organization.

Hiring a recruitment agency to help you find work, or help you find the right employees, is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Do Recruitment Agencies Take A Cut Of Your Salary?

Whether the recruitment agency you choose offers online services or has its own branch, they all work with the same objective to fill a specific position as quickly as they possibly can. Most candidates placed on permanent full-time pay around 10% of the salary, however, those placed on temporary positions will be charged extra on top of the hourly rate.

How Do I Choose A Recruitment Agency?

Before you choose an online recruitment agency, you need to be sure that your selection matches your requirements and understands your business well.

Here are a few important points to consider while selecting the best recruitment agency:

Deep-Industry Understanding

Unless your recruitment requirements are very generic, choose the agency that understands your business well. Without a solid insight into your industry, the agencies have to struggle to identify the most suitable candidates.

Also, make sure that the recruitment services provider that you are getting in touch with is knowledgeable about the current market trends.

Past Consulting and Recruiting Experience

Find out for how long has the recruitment firm been in business. Recruiting experience matters the most! This is because, ideally, you are looking for an agency with a proven track record of success and that will most likely come from their years of experience.

Do not forget to assess the recruitment consultants who perform the evaluation or selection of the candidates. Be sure they are sufficiently qualified and possess the necessary expertise and experience in finding individuals with the skills you are looking for.

Global presence

A reputed global manpower agency with several clients and offices in different locations across cities, provinces is a safe deal. Be careful if thinking of approaching a start-up agency or one with only a single office location.

Reference Check

It is wise to carry out a deep check on the manpower recruitment agency that you wish to work with. Do not hesitate to check client testimonials and case studies to confirm their authenticity. Furthermore, you should also conduct a background check of the testimonials to ensure they are clients and not pseudo businesses. Other sources can be newspapers, magazines and word-of-mouth. This will bring clear information on how the recruitment firm is viewed in the public.

If you need a candidate with a specific skill set and you already know the competition level, a recruitment agency is a way to go. Such recruiters have deep networks and relationships. Even if they do not know who all the prime candidates are, they will tap their resources to find them.

Recruiting the top talent is a prime priority for a successful, competitive business. Simply, you should understand how to select a recruitment agency that meets your needs and goals both now and in the future.

We at J.S.International Europe focus to supply the best talent to our clients. Reach out to us today at (+359 2) 981 22 21 to discuss your recruiting needs!

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machine operator manpower

How to Hire Machine Operator Manpower?

Indeed, the control of the machines is ultimately in the hands of the heavy equipment operator. Until technology eliminates the requirement for the large machines that we rely on for manufacturing or construction projects, there will always be the need for people who possess heavy equipment operating skills.

The manufacturing industries employ every 10 out of 11 workers, and you could have very good job stability as a heavy equipment operator. As per the Department of Labor, a career in heavy machine operating is expected to be on the rise in the next upcoming years.

Working as a heavy equipment operator is one of the most stable and well-paying jobs in the industry. The salary you will get depends on the experience, skill, location, industry and size of the company.

What Skills Are Required To Be A Machine Operator?

If you are looking for a career machine operator then you need to get training in a specific area. The right kind of training would help you perform certain skills such as digging an underground mine, boring a tunnel, or bulldozing.

The training programs make you get the experience, the knowledge and the instruction you need to safely control the heavy machines. In addition, to learn information, you can gain valuable hands-on experience through practise sessions, where you can operate heavy equipment in a safe area under supervised professionals.

Companies that work with a motive to avoid safety hazards in a potentially dangerous profession will look to hire someone who has been properly trained and exhibits the ability to operate equipment safely as well as effectively.

What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Machine Operator?

  • There are many different types of machines that require a heavy equipment operator to function. While the most common ones are used to dig and transport earth and debris, there are others as well that are designed for entirely different purposes. Such applications might include paving, drilling, harvesting and dredging.
  • Due to the nature of the building projects, operating million dollar machines requires a skilled person who can work diligently under pressure. The ability to take direction well and more than anything, the ability to work in a team can mean the difference between success and failure of the project.
  • For the construction companies, the machine operators are responsible to keep the work machines running smoothly. It can be a huge loss to the company if the operator treats the machine in such a way that it is not able to complete the expected number of projects.
  • In addition, to consider safety and maintenance tasks, heavy equipment operators are expected to possess knowledge about soils and site layouts as well as laser levels and grade reading to complete any given task successfully.

Turning To Manpower Recruitment Agency

While looking for suitable machine operator manpower, utilizing recruitment process outsourcing just makes sense. Between the cost-effectiveness and the ability to avoid allocating valuable internal resources to headhunting, companies can be benefitted from the manpower recruitment agency.

Quality of Candidates

A competent recruitment agency focuses on creating a profile for each position or job entrusted to the company’s care. This is basically a criterion for what candidates must-have in terms of experience, expertise and education in order to be considered for the given position. The end result of the close screening of the candidates is getting a qualified and suitable candidate to perform specific tasks.

Cost Savings

Since the manpower recruitment agency takes on full responsibility for locating, qualifying and ultimately hiring the right candidate for available positions, the companies can save in-house time and cost for these tasks. No more need to spend time going through several resumes and conducting background checks, as all such tasks will be handled by the recruitment agencies for a nominal cost.

Speed of Delivery

Recruitment agencies know the importance of filling a given vacancy immediately. For this reason, the agencies put their best efforts to minimize the time frame required to find, qualify and ultimately hire the right person for the task.

Selecting as a heavy machine operator is quite fulfilling and a secure job with great future prospects. And its recruitment process is not just limited to hiring a specific person for a specific profile, rather it is about building a talent pool of resources that can be made accessible for your company. Only a reputed manpower recruitment agency can help you streamline your company’s recruitment function and make it seamless and effective.

Contact our team to get more information about the services provided by manpower recruitment agencies.

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